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Random Thoughts and Ideas

Published on April 20, 2017 by Bob Biddle, PAFM, Bowman & Company, Voorhees, NJ

Random Though #1 - It is hard to believe but I am more than three quarters of the way through my term as your Chair of this great organization and I am very grateful for this honor.

Random Thought #2 - For some of us, we are wrapping up tax season; for others, we have been busy with calendar year end audits; and others, with ongoing consulting engagements with our clients.  For others this is a time to get ready for budgets, evaluations or any number of other Practice Manager responsibilities.  We hope you got through “busy season” and are ready now for another busy season, because if you are like me, you are busy 12 months out of the year.  And I would not want it any other way.

Random Thought #3 - Please mark your calendar for our first PechaKucha discussion (in other words a Town Hall Meeting). Jane Johnson, our incoming Chair, Kim Fantaci, our President, and I will hold a webinar on Friday, April 28at 11:30 EDT to give all of our members an opportunity to learn what is new with your Association and to ask questions of the three of us.  Click here for more information.

Random Thought #4 - I hope you will join us in Fort Worth for our National Practice Management Conference (see related article). I can assure you that you will return home with a wealth of knowledge and, maybe more important, a group of fellow members that you will now call “friends” that you will be in contact with during the year to answer questions you, or your partners, may have. The cost of the conference should pale in comparison to what resources you will bring back to your firm.

Random Thought #5 - See the related article on our new Emerging Leaders Award.  We want to engage our newer members and look forward to your suggestions and ideas. We will award our inaugural Emerging Leaders Award at the NPMC so do not forget to submit your nominations.

Random Thought #6 - I want to thank our Nominating Committee (Norm Saale, Chair, Janine Zirrith, Dennis Lemieux, Jane Johnson and Jim Fahey) for the outstanding work they are doing in putting together a slate of officers and directors for the upcoming year. I also want to thank the members who submitted their applications for the Board of Directors. And while we had more nominations than open Board positions, we will attempt to engage those applicants going forward

Random Thought #7 - What can your Association do to help you?  What do you like about the CPAFMA?   What do you not like?  What should we be doing differently?  Conversely, what can you do to make the Association better?  Your Board wants and needs your feedback.  Write to me at