Making M&A Easier - Broadening and Accelerating the Role of the Firm Manager in M&A Series

July 12, 2022 2:00pm - August 23, 2022 2:00pm ET
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Firm managers often get excluded from much of the M&A negotiations until late in the process. In this three-session series, explore common approaches and examine how to add value to the deal process. Learn about a preferred method in getting firm managers involved early in the negotiations and discover ways firm managers can balance M&A with their daily responsibilities. 

The Traditional Approach to M&A and Why Owners Are Resistant to Change
July 12, 2022 | 2:00 PM EST
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Firm managers often get excluded from much of the M&A negotiations until late in the process. In this 60-minute session, we’ll explore this common approach and examine how and why firm managers can and should overcome barriers to add value to the deal process.  Common timelines and restrictions placed on firm managers will be discussed along with reasons management restricts the role of the firm manager in the process.  Participants will learn different ways to overcome these restrictions and how to manage the priorities required by the buyer and seller. 

A Better Way to M&A: Firm Managers in Starring RolesAugust 9, 2022 | 2:00 PM EST
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Firm managers can play a critical role on the path to M&A. In this 60-minute session we will discuss a preferred method of including firm managers early in M&A negotiations to help the firm stay on a more strategic, organized trajectory toward a successful practice combination.  Participants will discuss the three stages of the firm manager’ responsibilities/role while learning the top 10 action steps that firm managers must control in M&A.  The session will include common red flags to look for and discover communications best practices. 

Parallel Lives: How Firm Managers Can Juggle M&A with Daily Practice August 23, 2022 | 2:00 PM EST
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Explore ways firm managers can balance M&A with their daily responsibilities in this 60-minute session. Discussion will include ways to effectively delegate responsibilities, monitor accountability of all of the firm management, and ways to clarify role.  By the end of the session, participants will have clarity to the firm manager role in M&A including methods to delegate and monitor accountability.  The importance of developing a system to balance both day-to-day and M&A will be explained and a discussion will include lines not to be crossed when juggling different priorities becomes untenable. 


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Ira Rosenbloom, CPA (LR), Chief Operating Executive, Optimum Strategies, LLC

Ira Rosenbloom, CPA (LR) is known as "The Merger Master?" for his skill in helping CPA firms engineer succession strategies and complete M&A transactions. As Chief Operating Executive of Optimum Strategies, a boutique advisor to small-to-mid-sized firms, Ira creates competitive advantage for his clients by optimizing the firm’s position for an internal or external transition. He has special expertise in designing compensation programs that reward owners, motivate employees, and enhance performance results.

Ira is a recognized thought leader who frequently speaks to state and national CPA organizations, and writes about M&A and Practice Management for accounting and business publications. He has served as a member of the AICPA Management of Accounting Practice Committee and the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJSCPA).

Before founding Optimum Strategies in 2010, Ira served as managing partner of a mid-sized regional accounting firm, practice director for a national firm, and as regional partner in a national CPA M&A advisory firm, among other positions. He graduated cum laude from New York University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, and received his Master of Science degree in Accounting with honors from Northeastern University. Learn more at