Washington DC Chapter

Survey Results

Published September 23, 2016
Location for Chapter Meetings Fun Questions Answers Bethesda 47.06% This location is often associated with mysterious disappearances Bermuda Triangle Rockville 52.94% This figure is often erroneously given credit for "inventing daylight saving's time.  Ben Franklin Gaithersburg 47.06% The number of hours the average person remains seated per day 13 hours Prince George 5.88% Which blockbuster summer movie did not occur this summer? A lost alien who befriends a group of children (E.T) Northern VA 23.53% Alexandria 11.76% Preferred Time for Meetings 9am-12pm 52.94% 10am-1pm 5.88% 11am- 2pm 29.41% 12pm-3pm 11.76% 1-4pm 0.00% Length of Meetings 2 hours 76.47% 3 hours 17.65% 4 hours 5.88% Meeting Topics Recruiting, hiring, and training 47.06% Workflow and processes, scheduling 23.53% IT-Cloud, Software 0.00% IT-Portals, E-Signatures 11.76% IT-Security 17.65% Firm Succession Plannig- including Firm Management role 0.00% Workload compression 58.82% New office space/location, moving 11.76% Human Resources- Staffing, hours, Admin, non exempt vs exempt, health care 41.18% Mergers and Acquistions 17.65% Ogranizational Structure- Firm roles and responsibilities 58.82% Social Media 11.76% Team Dysfunctions 35.29% Team Wellness 29.41% Comments Overall, I feel the topics and locations are appropriate. I usually take off after tax season. Meetings should not be scheduled in April or October. Meetings tend to be around our firm related deadlines, making it hard for me to attend. I attended meetings to meet peers and learn more how to better serve my firm. I tried to give back by serving on the board to help others. I didn't attend any meetings last year because of a variety of reasons. OMG, I need the interaction with this wonderful group to bounce ideas off of, get re-energized by, and they're an awesome group to spend time with! I find it difficult leaving for a meeting at 11am as I no sooner get to work and get wrapped up in my duties then have to leave. I work for a small tax only firm and most topics don't apply to me. Roundtable discussions are optimal, but I don't think others want to hear what doesn't apply to them. We recently converted to the Cloud and my firm is open to remote workers so I am curious as to how other firms are handling this. One of our team members at my Firm attends most of the meetings, but I have and also plan to attend meeting if deemed necessary in the future. The time of the meeting depends upon the length and location of the meeting, so in questions #3 and #5 may change depending upon the location and date. Why I don't attend: Location of meetings I don't attend meetings regularly because of the travel time needed for meetings in Maryland. It takes a big chunk of my day to drive there, attend and drive back -- normally time I don't have available to expend because I am so busy. It's based on my availability, and I attend meetings that are relevant to our firm and my role, and if it's educational. The meetings have always been informative and enlightening.