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Scaling Up Your Firm's Culture with Stronger Relationships
October 23, 2020

Scaling Up Your Firm's Culture with Stronger Relationships

If you are a CPA firm manager, managing partner or HR professional, this online event is designed for you. Sponsored by CPAFMA's Washington D.C. Chapter and MACPA/BLI, sessions have been exclusively developed to help scale up your firm’s culture with stronger relationships.

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Cadillac Health Plans: Luxury or Lemons?

Jun 16, 2016

Many of us have probably heard the term "Cadillac heath insurance plan." which is basically a plan with luxurious benefit levels and/or high premiums.  Many public accounting firms offer such plans to their employees and have done so for many years.  However, these plans are probably a little less luxurious than they used to be 20 years ago because of adjustments over the last decade due to double-digit percent increases that have ...

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