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  1. Hello my name is Jeff Shumway COO from Battelle & Battelle LLP
  2. Introduction
  3. Hello, my name is Norm Saale, COO from McDermott & Miller, P.C. - Grand Island, Ne
  4. Hello...I'm Andrea Ferran, COO at HMWC, Tustin, CA
  5. Hello, I'm Rita Keller - A member of AAA over 25 years!
  6. PHR | Firm Administrator
  7. Firm Administrator
  8. Hello....I'm Janine Zirrith, Firm Administrator for Wilkin & Guttenplan
  9. Hello
  10. Introduction
  11. I'm Alecia O'Brien from Halogen (employee performance management software)
  12. Hello, I am Neil Hinkle
  13. Roman H. Kepczyk Back on this thread
  14. Nice to meet all of you!
  15. Hi, I'm Deborah Yanez
  16. Hello Everyone! My name is Lori Melton, so glad to meet you!
  17. Hello everyone.
  18. Hello - Introduction from a new user
  19. Michael Mariano
  20. Hello from Steve Van Houten
  21. Kathy Marshall here
  22. Hello from Jenny A Fasching, PHR
  23. Hello from Las Vegas. I'm Shari Perry
  24. Firm Administrator
  25. Hi! Laura Dorsey-Shaner here from Maryland
  26. Hello from Nebraska!
  27. Hello from AR
  28. Good Morning to everyone from Teri Carr
  29. Greetings to Everyone from Regina Jessop
  30. Hello
  31. Hello from Marine City Michigan
  32. Hello from Wayne, PA
  33. Good morning from Mitch Queler in Ridgefield, CT
  34. Hello all, My name is Sally Schambari.
  35. Greetings from Anna Sary in Pepper Pike, OH!
  36. Hello from Toronto
  37. Nice to See Everyone
  38. Hello
  39. Hello! My name is Suzanne Gordimer, Director/Office Manager of CohnReznick!
  40. Greetings to my fellow AAA members
  41. Introduction
  42. Introductioon
  43. Linda Evans, Director of Human Resources, Hill, Barth & King LLC
  44. Hello from Abigail Stokes Palsma,Knowledge Manager at Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman
  45. Hello! Karen Peppmuller, Director of Administration at Seim Johnson
  46. Greetings fellow AAA members from Mary Cercone
  47. Greetings from Lisa Cooper, Director of HR and Firm Administration for Beene Garter
  48. Introduction
  49. Good Morning from South Texas- Paulette Gillum
  50. Hello! My name is Chance and I'm an Administrator with Summit Accounting Services
  51. Good Morning from Maryland Association of CPAs and the Business Learning Institute
  52. Hi I'm Karla Stahl
  53. Hi! I'm Angie Bridge, Firm Administrator for McClanathan, Burg & Associates, LLC
  54. Hi from Loann Snell at Maner Costerisan, Lansing, Michigan
  55. Introduction
  56. First time at the conference
  57. Introduction
  58. Tax Administrator
  59. Hi! Chrissy, Office Manager at CBIZ MHM in Bethesda, MD
  60. New President of the Atlanta chapter
  61. Greetings from Carlsbad, CA
  62. Introduction
  63. Hello from western Massachusetts!
  64. Reintroducing Myself!
  65. Happy After Tax Season from David Bergstein
  66. Hello from Massachusetts!
  67. Hello from Pittsburgh, PA
  68. Hello & Question
  69. Hello from Ohio!
  70. Introduction / Greetings from Tampa, FL
  71. Greeting from Vermont!
  72. Hello from New Jersey
  73. Tracking progression of improvement on review notes
  74. Engagement Letter Language
  75. Workflow & Document Management - iChannel, XCM & ProSystem Axcess
  76. Time & Billing Application
  77. Fellow Canadians
  78. Operations Director
  79. Greetings from NY!
  80. Hello from Corvallis, Oregon
  81. Hello from colorful Colorado!
  82. Hello from Toronto, Canada
  83. Hello from Lakewood, Colorado
  84. Hello from IL!
  85. Hello from Hot So Cal!
  86. Hi from Atlanta
  87. Hello from San Jose, CA
  88. Hello from Alberta, Canada
  89. Hello from Vancouver, USA!!
  90. Hi Peeps
  91. Good Morning
  92. New Vendor Member (with Scanner Discounts)
  93. Prolaera - New Vendor Member
  94. cPaperless-Automation of Tax Return Assembly, Delivery and E-Sign
  95. Public Accounting Opportunites! San Diego, Ca
  96. Hello from San Diego
  97. Hello from Lincoln Nebraska
  98. Hello from Eneildaliz Noboa
  99. Greeting from Zeeland Michigan
  100. Good Morning from Ashland, Kentucky!
  101. New Member to IL Chapter
  102. Greetings from Minnesota
  103. Hello from Spokane Washington
  104. Hello from San Francisco, CA!
  105. Saying hello from Atlanta, GA!
  106. Hello from Moscow, ID
  107. Hello from Valencia, CA
  108. Good Morning
  109. Hello from Hackensack, NJ
  110. Boomer Sooner! Okie! Hi Yall!
  111. Good Morning
  112. Introduction
  113. Hi Everyone!
  114. Hello!
  115. Hello!
  116. New to Public Accounting!