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Recognizing a CPA Firm Manager

Published on April 17, 2018

Earning a Public Accounting Firm Manager (PAFM) designation from the CPA Firm Management Association (CPAFMA) recognizes a CPA firm manager as someone who is working at the top level within our profession and exemplifies their professional capabilities, experience and achievement. The process of attaining the PAFM designation includes meeting the experience and education-based eligibility requirements, agreeing to adhere to CPAFMA’s Core Values of a Firm Manager, and fulfilling the continuing education/recertification requirements. The PAFM designation will identify you or your firm’s accounting firm manager, regardless of title, as a dedicated and experienced firm management professional who understands the unique and challenging issues of managing your firm.

A primary benefit of the credentialing program is to demonstrate that the individual has a significant grasp of the duties of the profession and its responsibilities. But another important advantage is to make sure that the firm management understands the level the firm manager should be allowed to operate. This creates an opportunity for personal growth and advancement for you or the firm manager within the firm as well as a platform to expand the role of the firm manager to better leverage this position within the firm. This can easily result in an overall higher level of productivity and profitability for the firm and its associates. By employing an accredited firm manager who meets the exceptionally high standards required by this credential, the firm is acknowledging the importance of this position within the leadership level of the firm.

More information about the PAFM designation will be available at the CPAFMA's 2018 National Practice Management Conference, June 11-14, 2018 in Las Vegas.  We invite those involved in the firm's management to define a clear path to your firm’s future, no matter your practice size, with the combined benefits of the 2018 CPAFMA National Practice Management Conference and AICPA ENGAGE. Take advantage of breakout sessions geared to various firm sizes, business development techniques and networking to spur ideas while gaining the latest learning, tools and tech information to grow your firm and team.

For more information about the PAFM designation or the 2018 National Practice Management Conference, visit or reach out to CPAFMA at or (937) 222-0030.