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Reference Services, Inc.

What you don’t know can hurt you.

Almost everyone would agree that thorough and comprehensive background checks are important, but how do you really know if you’re receiving one?

Like many organizations, you may believe you’re receiving a thorough and accurate background check on your applicants – but are you sure?

Let us show you the RSI difference.  RSI is a partner of CPAFMA.

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RSI routinely catches criminal records that other companies miss. In fact, they do it often.

Reference Services is a full service background screening and drug testing firm, who is one of less than 5% of companies in the entire U.S. to be Nationally Accredited by the NAPBS and they are the only firm in their home state of Indiana to achieve the accolade. They serve clients in all industries, and pride themselves on the best quality data, unmatched compliance expertise and superior customer service.

All background screening companies are basically the same, right?

NO – Not even close. And no, they don’t all get their criminal record data from the same sources.

RSI expertly uncovers criminal records and other important information that other companies routinely miss. In fact, they do it often, and it’s earned them the business of many valued partners.

Their Nationwide Criminal Search alone is made up of over 650 million records from over a thousand different databases and their Nationwide County Search Network covers every county jurisdiction in the U.S. (approximately 3,347 counties).

And at RSI, they take great care to ensure that their records are accurate, following diligent order review and compliance procedures on every background check that is performed.

As an RSI client partner, you’ll experience quicker turn around. No days or hours of waiting for returned calls.

• Background Screening Reports
• Drug Testing & Physicals
• DOT Expertise & Program Management
• In House Verification Services
•  24/7 Customer Service From Their Real Team
•  Dedicated Compliance Team

As an CPAFMA Partner, Reference Services, Inc. offers special “CPAFMA Members Only” pricing. It’s Simple, Click here to get started today.

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